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Green Glow Dock Light, Underwater Fish Lights, underwater dock light in Pompano Beach, Florida For Sale

Green Glow Dock Light, Underwater Fish Lights, underwater dock light
Price: $299
Date/Time:26 Mar, 10:49 a.m. EST
Type: Garden & House, For Sale - Private.

Kit Includes:
1.Bright Green High Intensity Discharged Bulbs sealed directly into housing unit
2. Weather tight power control box
3. 50 foot length marine grade lamp cable
4. 5 foot length power cable
5. Safety GFCI rainproof power plug
6. Automatic on/off power control photo cell
7. Underwater weight for the bulb.
8. Stainless steel mounting screws.
9. Instructions.
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Each Green Glow Dock Light Lamp is individually and meticulously hand crafted using a three step state of the art water sealing process. This quality workmanship creates a superior product and ensures dependability in the harsh underwater environment. We build both Single and Double HID (High Intensity Discharge) underwater dock light systems. All with 50? length heavy marine grade lamp cords. (You will only be disappointed with anything shorter). We also offer replacement HID Bulbs units for all our underwater dock lights and many other HID systems. Our green underwater fish light bulbs are rated to last 3 to 5 years of nightly use.
All our underwater fish lights are perfectly suited for salt water. Our bulbs are self-cleaning, which means barnacles and other organisms will NOT grow on the bulb. This is not the case with LED or a covered bulb system. Our underwater fish lights will also work great in fresh water. Freshwater fish love our lights. Our underwater fish lights work in lakes and rivers, fresh or salt. They will attract the fish no matter the species.
The Green Glow Dock Light Systems are very economical - adding only a few dollars to your electric bill a month. Our underwater dock light kits are neighbor friendly because the light is focused underwater, which allows more effective lighting. Above water lighting attracts unwanted insects, creating a problem with pests, but with our underwater dock lights, unwanted bugs aren't a problem.
It just takes minutes to mount the box, place the bulb in the water, and plug it in. Our underwater fish light kits include everything needed to enjoy your new light that same evening.
What is an HID lamp and what cost can I expect?
HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. This type of lamp produces more light and uses less energy than a standard bulb. The quality of light emitted by HIDs is closer to that of natural daylight. Our systems are incredibly energy efficient, our bright green light drawing just over 2 amps. You can generally expect energy costs of under $6 per month to operate this system.
How long will the bulb last?
Our Bulbs are rated to last approximately 3 to 5 years of nightly use.
What do you mean by "maintenance free bulb"?
The heat produced by the bulb each night actually burns off any marine life, algae, or barnacles. It is for this reason that we recommend that the system be allowed to run every night and not be turned off or added to a timer. Our units feature an exposed bulb, to maximize this heat cleaning effect, unlike a covered bulb system which will require regular cleaning and removing of growth.
Isn't LED the newer and better technology?
LED is great for temporary underwater lighting, but has flaws as a permanent underwater fish light. The downfall of LED lighting is the fact that it doesn't produce the heat required to burn off the growth mentioned above. In a short period of time you will have to remove the LED light from the water and clean off the growth. In a saltwater application it is even worse for LED. In a matter of weeks the bulb will start to be covered by barnacles and will need to be scraped clean.
So many choices, which light kit should I choose?
Let us clear up some of the confusion you may have. Nearly all of the pictures seen on our website were taken with our basic "bright green" 7,500 lumen single and double lamp kits. These kits are our biggest sellers and the most popular with nothing but satisfying results. If you are looking to simply illuminate your waterway and attract fish, the bright light series of underwater dock lights is all you will really need.
Our new style light kits are more for a specific customer. There are some customers that want a brighter light or greener light. Some just want the brightest light available, so we made these additional light kits to satisfy those customers.
What do I do if my bulb is broken or if it burns out?
If you break a bulb or it burns out we offer replacement bulbs sealed in our coated housing with 50' length marine grade cable for ours and many types of HID underwater dock light systems. If you purchased a green glow dock light kit from us, we offer a 25% discount for our returning customers needing a replacement bulb. (Returning customers please contact us prior to ordering replacement bulbs to receive your discount)
How is your system "completely automatic"?
Our system has a built in Photocell which will turn the unit on at dusk and turn it off again at dawn.
What do I need to install your light kit?
No wiring of any kind is required by you. Our Lights are a "Plug and Play" System. We provide easy installation instructions. All that is required is that you have a protected 110 volt outlet and somewhere to mount our box close to it (see pictures). You just simply mount the box with two supplied stainless screws, place the bulb and supplied weight in the water and plug the unit in. It?s just that easy.
What is the weight for and how do I install?
The Lamp unit is designed to float, this keeps it off the bottom and out of the sediment. The weight attaches to the lamp cord by supplied zip ties which holds the lamp in place below the surface (the lamp floats above the weight). The weight can be adjusted on the cord by sliding it up or down. We recommend that the lamp be at a minimum of 3' to 4' below the lowest tide to keep it out of boat propellers and trolling motors.
How soon will my order ship?
Your order will usually ship the same or next business day. We have new kits ready to ship out. We ship our products via Fed Ex ground. You will receive tracking info as soon as we ship.
Why should I buy from Green Glow Dock Light?
There are a few things we think make us and our products a better choice.
1. Safety! All of our light kits come with a UL rain proof GFCI safety plug for double safety.
2. We ship all our kits with everything you need to install and use. You won't need to go to the hardware store to buy screws or a weight.
3. Most of our orders ship out the same or next business day. We ship so fast that most Florida residents will receive their order the next business day.
4. Free shipping! We don't charge you a shipping and handling fee on any of the products we make and sell.
5. All our Bulb housing units are now covered with a special coating that is proven to inhibit barnacle growth. This is helpful if you need to relocate the bulb, those barnacles can be very sharp
All Green Glow Dock Light products come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and are warranted for defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.
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State: Florida  City: Pompano Beach  Zip code: 33064 Category: Garden & House
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